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Artesyn is proud to have contributed to these two new white papers from ETSI that aim to guide the industry towards maximizing the potential benefits of 5G networks by focusing on collaborative MEC infrastructure.


Thanks to its small footprint, Artesyn’s ControlSafe Compact Carborne Platform enables integrators to effectively address challenging implementations with limited installation space.


Perspectives17 brings together the brightest minds in the communications, software, service provider, channel partner and enterprise communities to share the latest trends, issues and opportunities affecting the communications landscape. 

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Tim Casto, Senior Field Applications Engineer speaking at the OCP U.S. Summit 2017.

One of the newest specifications that has been named OCP-ACCEPTED™ is the CG-OpenRack-19 specification. CG-OpenRack-19 is a scalable carrier-grade rack level system that integrates high performance compute, storage and networking in a standard rack. In this workshop, communications service providers and vendors that created the specification and are dedicated to bringing OCP Open Rack principles to the telco data center will address:

  • The telecom industry’s transformation from the traditional Central Office to virtualized data centers and how this transition is driving demand for open hardware solutions.
  • Why adapting the OCP base model to the telecom environment must take into account new requirements to accommodate existing Central Offices.
  • The specific requirements for carrier-grade OCP, including Physical, Content/Workload, Management, and Networking/Interconnect.
  • How the CG-OpenRack-19 specification aligns with the principles of OCP. Panelists will discuss in-depth how the spec meets requirements for efficient design, scale-out ready architecture, open source and creating a meaningful positive impact.
  • A real-world example of a CG-OpenRack-19 based hardware solution being deployed in a live network.