ATCA-7490100/40G QuadStar™ Packet Processing/Server Blade

  • Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 family processors
  • Up to 512GB DDR4 memory across 16 DIMM sockets
  • 10/40/100G Ethernet NIC and Switch
  • Board category: COTS

The Artesyn Embedded Technologies ATCA-7490 blade is the ideal work load unit for meeting demanding performance and network requirements in commercial, governmental and defense communications networks. Compute-intensive tasks like DPI, firewalls, intrusion prevention and data en-/decryption can greatly benefit from the on-board capabilities including local load balancing and filtering functions and powerful server CPUs. Equipped with a local network switch, the ATCA-7490 provides multiple high bandwidth data paths between the CPU complex, the system fabric network and the connected Ethernet I/O.

The bladed architecture follows the Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) and features commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies. With scalable performance, ease of maintenance, reduced cabling and multivendor interoperability, the ATCA-7490 is well positioned for defense applications in air/shipborne data centers, ground control stations, network data analytics, ad hoc cellular networks and other C4ISR tasks.

The board design has been optimized for unmatched computational performance featuring two Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 family processors. Data paths to main memory and I/O are highly optimized by the use of DDR4 and PCIe Gen 3 protocols. Memory capacity can scale up to 512GB allowing for cost optimized configurations as well as for applications with demanding memory requirements as needed in routing decisions or pattern matching.



  • Two Intel® Xeon® processors, E5-2600 v4 family
  • 10/40/100G high bandwidth Ethernet switching
  • Four independent 40G network interfaces four uncompromised throughput into the backplane
  • Local load balancing and filtering capabilities
  • Up to 512GB DDR4 main memory
  • On-board solid state disk with large capacity
  • Designed for NEBS and ETSI compliance (configuration dependent)