• Patient Monitor
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    Patient Monitor

    Critically ill patients often require specialist medical equipment such as ventilators and patient monitors. A leading manufacturer of intensive care unit (ICU) equipment is using Artesyn’s LPS100-M series open frame AC-DC power supplies in its next generation patient monitor. The unit is designed for the specific sensitivities of patients with high needs and the LPS100-M series takes care of the monitor’s needs with a 100 watt medically-approved single output power source in a compact footprint at a competitive price.

  • Burn-in Testing
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    Burn-in Testing

    Burn-in testing is used to detect early failures in a population of electronic products. It usually requires the electrical testing of a product, using an expected operating electrical cycle over a specified period. Thermal or environmental stress screening can also be used. A manufacturer of automated test equipment (ATE) has selected Artesyn’s iHP series intelligent, configurable high power system for its new burn-in test equipment range for semiconductor ICs, LEDs and touch panel displays. The wide range of outputs, flexibility, efficiency and built-in intelligence of the series made this an easy decision for the customer. The iHP series also meets the SEMI F47 voltage sag immunity standard, developed for the semiconductor industry and an important safety requirement in semiconductor processing equipment.

  • ODCC Server
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    ODCC Server

    The Open Data Center Committee [ODCC] was founded by China’s largest Internet and telecom companies to extend the work of the Scorpio Project from all-in-one rack servers to include micro-modular data centers. The ODCC aims to ensure that China’s modular data centers and servers are open and innovative. One of the largest suppliers to the Chinese internet players has worked with Artesyn to create a customized centralized AC-DC power supply for its next generation ODCC servers, providing high density, high efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.

  • Rack-scale Big Data Workloads & Storage
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    Rack-scale Big Data Workloads & Storage

    One of the highest performance big data processing and scale-out storage appliances uses Artesyn’s DS1600SPE server power supply as a redundant power conversion solution. The appliance offers massive improvements in space usage and power consumption versus equivalent performance using a traditional rackmount server approach, assisted by the high efficiency and high power density of the Artesyn DS short series unit. The developer of this innovative appliance has customers in markets as diverse as insurance, genetic research and motor racing taking advantage of the awesome power to disrupt their industries. In the case of medical research, this hardware is helping to massively slash the time it takes to conduct potentially life-saving research.

  • Video Matrix
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    Video Matrix

    Video walls have long been used in entertainment venues and are becoming increasingly popular in a wider range of applications including medical displays. These can vary in size and scope from using multiple LCD screens or projectors to large installations using LED matrix technology. An innovative company that focuses on high resolution, high quality products was looking for a high efficiency, high reliability AC-DC power supply for its LED matrix switching system. The unit itself looks much like a 19-inch rackmount bladed server, but with massive amounts of specialist graphics processing and IO. The company selected Artesyn’s DS495SPE series 1U front-end power supply and uses it in a 1+1 redundant configuration. The 80plus Platinum efficiency certification and Artesyn’s reputation for reliable server power supplies made this an easy choice.